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The Impact Of Corona Virus, So Far

In the Coronavirus epidemic (a global health emergency declared by WHO) China, the logistics hub of the world has been the most affected amongst all its major competitors. The virus started spreading from the city of Wuhan towards the end of 2019 and by the end of January, citywide quarantine and strict transport restrictions had been placed in various parts of China in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. China has some of the world’s biggest and newest seaports apart from having one of the biggest manufacturing industries in the world. But due to the roadblocks, quarantines, and factory closings, severe disruption is being caused to inbound and outbound air cargo shipments, trucking, and rail cargo services, as well as heavy port congestion for vessels along the Yangtze River. The world’s biggest container line Maersk, has already stated that this global epidemic is likely to cause a hit in their earnings this year as there aren’t enough workers at the ports to mov

Leading Women of MGH - Azizun Karim Khan Samantha

Azizun Karim Khan Samantha, Head of Strategic Planning, MGH Group “Being a Marketing and Finance student, I always had aspirations to work in the marketing department. But all of that changed when I joined MGH as a Management Trainee in 2015, for the Strategic Planning department,” said Samantha, Senior Manager and Current Head of the Strategic Planning Department. MGH has a knack for entrusting new and interesting projects to its employees. As a part of the Strategic Planning Department, from the very beginning, Samantha, therefore, has been part of a diverse range of projects like global network building, retailer hunting, re-structuring business verticals along with creating pinpoints for value addition in service and agent development. Being somewhat of an introvert, Samantha initially felt a challenge in communicating with various departments and stakeholders of MGH not only in Bangladesh but all over the world. However, now after having spent 4.5 years in th

Making Supply Chain Sustainable: Leading Towards a Greener Future

In recent years, more and more customers have become conscious of the impact their purchases have on the environment. Therefore, it is only good business sense for brands to switch to more sustainable initiatives to fulfill the demands of their customers. However, becoming a sustainable brand is more than just a change in marketing and claiming to be ‘green’. Customers these days are more aware than ever and thus, base their purchasing decisions by evaluating a range of activities from sustainable production methods, supply chain, packaging to various other factors involved with the final product. Since supply chain covers the entire process of transforming raw materials into final products, shifting to a green supply chain is perhaps one of the best ways to becoming a more sustainable brand. From choosing raw materials that have been sustainably sourced to adopting environment-friendly packaging and everything in between will help the brand stand out as a ‘g

Leading Women of MGH- Mashiat Faria Noor

Mashiat Faria Noor, Head of Human Resources, MGH Group “Being someone who never wanted to settle in to comfort and instead wanted to face challenges, I always had a clear vision of my career path which I knew I wanted to achieve despite all obstacles,” said Mashiat Faria Noor. Currently, Mashiat is heading the Human Resources Department of MGH Group, working on talent acquisition, policy development, and career counseling besides the training and development of existing talent in the company. Mashiat started off as a Management Trainee (HR) for the Freight Forwarding division of MGH Group. But soon she moved on to the Food and Beverage section and then eventually became the Head of HR for the Group. “Being in HR, I need to be able to manage different people. The same thing doesn’t work on everyone and thus, learning to effectively communicate with everyone from new candidates to head of departments and finding solutions to complex issues by keeping an open mind is