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Logistics Post Covid-19

In a time-frame of fewer than 5 months, Covid-19 has impacted the global economy in a major way. The pandemic has also exposed multiple facets of businesses that would need to move quickly and adapt to the new normal. Post-Covid, there is one thing a lot of businesses would have to certainly reconsider, their supply chains. Lack of stock for essentials during the panic buying spree, the over-dependence on India & China for production of pharmaceuticals, China’s involvement in global supply chains are few chinks in global supply chains that businesses would have to work upon. These challenges would bring out a few very noticeable transitions – Higher Inventories Over the last few months, the pandemic has stretched companies' supply chains and the low inventory levels have been exposed. As a takeaway from the pandemic, it would be necessary for companies to maintain a higher level of inventory to create a safety net. The governments across the globe would als