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6 Ways A 3PL Service Provider Can Be More Viable

A third-party logistics (3PL) refers to the outsourcing of logistics processes to a firm with experience, resources, expertise and knowledge in the relevant field. A professional 3PL works proficiently on distribution, fulfillment, transportation and many other aspects for clients’ businesses to benefit them in terms of efficiency, time and money. Here are 6 factors to take into consideration before deciding on a definite solution: Speedy Logistics Interconnected network of carriers and distributors with distribution centers located strategically around the globe leads to fast and efficient shipping times from A to B. Scalability Resources and flexibility to scale with any business facing complex challenges in terms of space, merchandise, staffing, inventory, trucks, and more. Network Capacity Partnership exposes the business to carrier networks comprised of qualified and reliable service providers to help you with order configuration, pick-up and delivery windows, scheduling, equi

Handling Peak Season in the New Normal

2020 has been quite the ride for the logistics industry and supply chain planners with mass manufacturing facility shutdowns, warehousing disruptions, ocean and air shipping modifications, adding to an already heavily unstable freight marketplace. At the same time, fees skyrocketed as huge volumes of emergency equipment are being transported globally. With backlogs clearing up and businesses resuming in the final quarter of the year, we must now solicit the question on everyone’s mind, what happens this peak season? Let the experts at MGH help you and provide a few tips and tricks on how to handle this stormy peak season amidst a global pandemic. FORECAST, PLAN, COMMUNICATE, REPEAT As the rush starts from Black Friday all the way through Christmas Eve – it is important to create a model based on volume at unit and order level during this critical period weekly forecasts for each channel the business is operating in. Understanding the projections for Q4 is critical for businesses befor