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Transmarine Logistics launches its Official Website

Transmarine Logistics Ltd. (TML) has recently launched its official website (see website) to add a new dimension in terms of providing better accessibility to the services and information of the company to the existing and potential clients worldwide. What the website offers:   This website developed by MGH IT allows any interested personnel seeking logistics and supply chain support for their business to look up the core services offered by TML i.e. Air freight, Sea freight, Warehousing, Inland haulage, Pick and pack and QC platform. Apart from that, the website also leads the existing clients to another platform by MGH IT called MyShipment which helps the potential and existing clients to get quick rate of their intended shipments, and also allows the existing clients to track their shipments online in real time. About TML: Transmarine Logistics Ltd. (TML) is a total supply chain management company under the flagship of MGH. Pioneering  Multi-Vendor Origin Pick and Pac

Being Bold for Change - MGH Group Celebrates International Women's Day

8th March, 2017 marked the occasion of International Women's Day all over the world, with the much needed shout out "Be Bold for Change" to the all the women. Like always, with the belive that all the women associates are the vital piece of the puzzle to power MGH to be the best, MGH group celebrated the day dedicating it to pay homage to them in all the countries MGH is operating in. The day was celebrated with the positive vibes in respect to the women of MGH for they have been bold enough to make change in the business area with their endless contributions. There were cards, flowers, cakes and full on festivities all day. And the joy was spread through all the countries MGH is currently operating in, including Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Nigeria, Myanmar and others. When the social media of the MGH associates were being flooded with cheerful photos of the women embracing the homage paid by MGH to its Women Warriors, the day was noted "happy&qu