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The trailblazing spirit of MGH Logistics resonated even during the pandemic as they handled the novel commercial rail container movement twice successfully between India and Bangladesh, for bilateral trade purpose. The achievement was a result of a lengthy pursuit of efforts by both the governments, CONCOR & Indian Railways, Indian Customs, Bangladesh Railways, CCBL and MGH.   PRECEDING HURDLES Previously, when the land border was non-functional for approximately 90 days due to COVID, it caused port congestion. The other associated demurrage costs caused by longer transit time, limited capacity of the sea, congestion at land routes and high airfreight costs, made it a further inconvenient option for time-bound cross border shipments.   A NEW ERA IN INDIA-BANGLADESH TRADE It was the very first rail movement enterprise that opened doors to a fast and economical route for the traders in this lane, as an alternative for the traditional sea and road movement. MGH spearheadi


Golden Week and how it affects trade China Golden Week starting from 1st October till 7th October causes production lines throughout China to come to a complete standstill as they celebrate “Golden Week” to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Due to the Golden Week, online retailers, bricks-and-mortar retailers and logistics personnel involved in trading with China starts planning their shipments ahead of time. This is because during the entire week, except for emergency workforce, neither factories nor offices are open. Furthermore, public life (administration and co.) is jeopardized, containers with goods are packed in the ports, ships are neither loaded nor unloaded, and customs only work to a limited extent. As a result, businesses trading with China faces strains on capacity and rise on prices of ocean, air, and road freight. The carriers are also overbooked, risks of cargo getting rolled increases and the containers carrying goods are required to get resc