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MGH Logistics awarded “Distinction in end-to-end Supply Chain Planning” at Warehouse Excellence Awards

MGH Logistics Pvt. Ltd. today announced that it has been awarded for “ Distinction in end-to-end Supply Chain Planning ” at Warehouse Excellence Awards recently concluded on 20 th June 2019 in Shangri-la-Eros, New Delhi. The award ceremony was a part of India Warehousing Show 2019 held in Delhi. MGH’s practices in Supply Chain Planning were chosen as the best solution of the year from amongst other leading logistics players. MGH’s practices and efficiency in the supply chain have been built to help brands drive efficiency & reduce costing and time. The practices integrate technology with a set of methods which over the period have allowed the costings to be bought down substantially besides reducing the default rate to almost nil. MGH India being awarded for “Distinction in End-to-End Supply Chain Planning The Warehouse Excellence Awards are presented annually to recognize the companies which are closing the gap between operational reality and customer’s exp