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MGH Family Day observed in the Spirit of Baishakh

MGH Family Day and Baishakh Celebration was a much needed event to have the MGH associates and their family members come together in the spirit of Baishakh and getting to know each other better. While it was an occasion of Families Coming together, it was celebrated with a theme of Baishakh, from the decorations, to the foods, music and festivities. The food included many kinds of Pithas, Fuchka and a Khichuri Buffet with Hilsha, Rui, Chicken roast, and several types of Bhorta. Apart from the traditional foods, the restaurant chains of MGH group namely Peyala and Nando’s also served mouthwatering foods and refreshing drinks along with people’s favorite Masala tea. A drawing competition was organized among the children of the MGH associates and the three winners received their awards from the Founder and Group CEO Mr. Anis Ahmed.  As any celebration is incomplete without great music, the guests were mesmerized throughout the day enjoying performances by Minar, Aditari