6 Ways A 3PL Service Provider Can Be More Viable

A third-party logistics (3PL) refers to the outsourcing of logistics processes to a firm with experience, resources, expertise and knowledge in the relevant field. A professional 3PL works proficiently on distribution, fulfillment, transportation and many other aspects for clients’ businesses to benefit them in terms of efficiency, time and money.

Here are 6 factors to take into consideration before deciding on a definite solution:

Speedy Logistics

Interconnected network of carriers and distributors with distribution centers located strategically around the globe leads to fast and efficient shipping times from A to B.


Resources and flexibility to scale with any business facing complex challenges in terms of space, merchandise, staffing, inventory, trucks, and more.

Network Capacity

Partnership exposes the business to carrier networks comprised of qualified and reliable service providers to help you with order configuration, pick-up and delivery windows, scheduling, equipment, etc.

Professional logistics experts with proficient insights on the latest trends of the industry further benefits the business.

Technology Access 

Handles investment on technologies and sustain maintenance costs, thus improving operations and passing all the benefits on to the business. Beneficial technologies that 3PLs provide:
  • Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
  • Live Track and Trace Platforms
  • Route and Consolidation Optimization Tools
Accountability and Risk Management 

3PL Service Providers takes responsibility and accountability for ensuring that your products are filled, distributed, transported and documented properly (in accordance with your service contract) for review and audit as per requirement.

Customized Solutions

MGH offers tailor-made solutions based on businesses’ supply chain requirements which might involve enhanced reverse logistics, AI-driven route optimization, multimodal plans, TMS implementation and so much more.

It all adds up to significant savings in time and money

Looking for clarity or insight into where you can streamline your processes, consolidate supply chain steps or reduce operational and administrative costs? Consider a 3PL partner in MGH Logistics across multiple origins, specially across South and South-East Asia, with the know-how and proficiency to help you compete smarter and maximize your investment.

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