Things to Consider for a Successful Shipment

Shipping cargo from one place to another can be a very big task and usually involves millions of dollars. Therefore, in order to have a smooth operation, it is very important to have a proper plan in place to avoid any unnecessary hassles. Perhaps the most important part of the plan is to choose the right logistics partner as they will not only transport the cargo from one place to another but make sure it is done within time and with utmost care.

When choosing a logistics partner, it is important to seek out a company that has sufficient experience in handling large amounts of cargo. Since handling such assignments require a lot of calculation and different transportation partners specialized for different types of cargo, and only large companies with financial stability and experience can smoothly run such operations on a daily basis.

Another factor to consider is incoterms, which contain the commercial agreement that specifies who is in charge of the care and custody of a shipment, transportation costs, transfer of ownership, risks involved, etc.

A major part of export and import include duties and taxes. Even though it varies who is going to be responsible for the payment of duties and taxes, it is very important to clear out such details while planning the shipment.

Once the plan is set, it is also very important to determine who is in charge of what activity and make sure they have the authority to complete them as certain tasks can only be completed by people who are authorized to do them.

Having a primary contact person is also crucial in having a successful shipment. While the process is ongoing, things might go wrong or be delayed. In situations like these, having a primary contact person to keep you updated will only increase the chances of a successful shipment.

Therefore, before shipping any sort of cargo, make sure to evaluate all the factors involved and choose a partner suitable for you.

Here, at MGH, our supply chain managers work relentlessly, day and night to come up with the right logistics plan according to our clients' requirements and ensure that our clients never face any issues with their shipment.


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