International Women's Day 2020

The International Women’s Day- a day dedicated solely to celebrate the achievements of women, raise awareness about equality and women empowerment.

This year, the theme for the celebration is “Each for Equal” which draws attention to the need for equality between genders as an ‘equal world is an enabled world’. The message behind the theme portrays that gender inequality is no longer just a women’s issue but rather a global issue as when women are empowered, communities as well as economies, thrive.

Having said that, in order to bring about a change and achieve gender equality, first, we must acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of women and at the same time raise awareness by calling out gender stereotypes and biases.

While a lot of progress has been made all over the world in the last decade, Bangladesh specially has done a remarkable job in championing women empowerment. On account of this, a substantial change can be seen in all sectors of the society where women are achieving new milestones every day. From the RMG sector to the corporate world, women are leading everywhere.

However, there is still a long way to go. According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2020, it will take at least another 100 years to achieve complete gender parity. Nonetheless, it is the ambitious campaigns from the likes of the International Women’s Day and many other that constantly shed light on the issues faced by women and keep the debate running to bring about solutions.

Therefore, on the occasion of this year’s International Women’s Day, let’s make a pledge to work towards forging a more gender equal world by encouraging women in leadership roles, creating inclusive work environments, cultures and working towards achieving a gender balanced world.


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